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vMix 27

up to 4 external SDI outputs

New, from vMix as experimental described, up to 4 external renderers are supported. I.e. depending on the processing power of your machine this will run or not. Note the render times! Tested well, but after a short time, the first of the 4 outputs has disappeared (black) I'll keep testing and try to reproduce this.
Tests with a PCIE-5 machine with an i7-12700K CPU, Z690 motherboard, DDR5 RAM, RTX Quadro5000, show that a “gamer” machine from 2022 can easily handle it. SDI card, BlackMagic Quad2.
Test frame, 4 SDI inputs, 1080i50, 4 videos in loop play, all H264 encoded. Multicorder recording with all outputs, H264, 25Mbits. Recorder with 2x 8Mbits outputs recording. With this I get max. 13ms rendertime, CPU runs relaxed with 20%. The GPU is with all recordings at 70%.

Zoom Integration

Paid Zoom account holders (HD license), if your vMix is a participant in a Zoom meeting, can access the video and audio feeds of all participants in up to 1080p HD. (raw data) Starting with the 4K version, you can add as many participants as your computing power or internet connection allows. vMix Zoom can also be used with free Zoom meetings, then the quality is limited to 360p.
In contrast to vMix call, much more effort is required from the operator and participant side when using vMix Zoom. But then the result is impressive.

Layer editing enhanced

Layer positioning now has more functions for position, size, aud aligment of a layer. Also it now contains a grid function to align new elements of a layer to existing ones. Nothing has changed in the old-fashioned interface, it has just become a bit more confusing. However, once you get used to it, you will get along faster with the new possibilities.

over 150 new shortcuts

All the new possibilities, but also newer possibilities from previous versions were treated a bit stepmotherly on the shortcut page in the past, or simply ignored. This has now been made up for. Unfortunately there is no “official list” of the new shortcuts from vMix. Here is a list of a user from the vMix forum. unofficial list of all new shortcuts

new streaming codecs, AV1 and HEVC, for RTMP

vMix supports the new streaming format AV1 and finally supports HEVC. Currently only Youtube offers this possibility, others will probably follow quickly. AV1 encoders are available starting with the RTX40xx Geoforce Nvidia cards and all new Intel GPUS. AMD is unfortunately, as so often, not yet included.

Net Framework 4.8

vMix drops the old framework 3.5 used since the beginning and uses the current version 4.8. This means that scripting runs today's VB Net code and there is no need for old additional installations on a Windows 10 or 11 machine.

Windows 11

With various updates and fixes is on the part of Windows 11 vMix can now run without problems with Windows 11. (Status Windows11 22H2) There are obviously problems with the audio on some machines, but this can be easily fixed, There is a video about it on Youtube. Improving vMix audio quality in Windows 11

Chrome and NDI version update

Good news for browser users. vMix often lags behind the current Chrome versions, but now there is an “up to date” version on board, Chrome 116. (As of October23 118)
The latest version NDI 5.6 is also newly integrated into vMix.

Streamdeck+ support

Often requested, finally implemented. Support for the new Streamdeck+ model, unfortunately a bit expensive at about 250 CHF. Prerequisite when using in vMix, the latest driver version of Streamdeck and the latest Streamdeck vMix plugin in addition.
With its dials to the buttons and expanded display, it is an ideal operating addition to vMix. Many shortcuts have been updated to work automatically with the dials, such as Color Correction.
The new Bitfocus Companion and CentralContol versions are supporting the Streamdeck+ as well.

Audio PFL

It is now possible to select in the Audio Setup if Solo is PFL or AFL, unfortunately the selected option is not displayed. So be careful when using Solo, always check if the PFL checkbox is set! Hopefully there is still a revision of the user interface after.

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