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Our Wiki is actually in German (link at the bottom of this page), but certain articles are translated into English. You can find them here.
The latest developments and the scripting section are only kept up to date in the German Wiki. So search there too.

Questions? Comments? Found a mistake? Drop me an email.

vMix 27 news
save-as BUNDLE
SRT Basics
SRT in vMix
SRT Connection Manual
vMix Call Manual for the Guest
Larix Broadcaster, APP for sending SRT from your mobile device
SRT, transmit and receive 8 sound channels with vMix
8-channel audio to be transmitted via vMix call (duplex remote transmission)
remote control vMix via Internet
CountDown Timer in vMix

Scripting examples
Script collection by Engelschall on GitHub

SOFTWARE ONLINE speech timer / ONLINE sequence timer / ONLINE Count-Up Timer / ONLINE Colorbars
VB NET sample program that processes XML data from the vMix API and demonstrates how it can be processed
vMix API Schedule
sends API commands to a vMix system at a specified time
vMix HTML Button Panel with 60 buttons and additional pages, which can be used as an alternative to a stream deck or similar
vMix talkback Script Panel
vMix Script Save (makes backups of your scripts, local- or general-scripts)
Simple VMIX Controller for Touchscreen PC's
Larix Broadcast CODE generator/sender
vMix clipboard copy
extract Text from a WEB Page

Scoreboard OCR (reliably detects digits or special characters in a video signal from a clock display)

vMix Wiki German

This Wiki is public and can be used by any person
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