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As of version 25, vMix offers the option to save presets as a bundle. For a simple project, this is an advantage, but the method has big limitations compared to the “normal” saving of a preset.

Normal Preset

The normal preset stores all inputs, the paths of the associated files of the inputs. Title texts, status of each window etc. In short, everything you need in a project that is also running on the same computer on which the preset is saved.


The Bundle Preset was actually created to transfer a complete project to another computer. I.e. images, videos, sounds etc. are also saved. This BUNDLE preset can quickly become a few GB in size with many video inputs. DISADVANTAGE: The paths are not saved. Normally vMix notices when a file has been changed. If the video file of a normal preset is changed after saving the preset, vMix automatically loads the new file.
THE BUNDLE PRESET DOES NOT DO THIS! It always keeps the material saved with the bundle. The only way out is to double click on the Image/Video/Audio-Input and reload the file from the actual location. Then vMix gets its “watchfolder” function of these inputs back.
So the save-as-bundle project is actually a deceptive package and not really of much use and only to be used with caution.

So if you are moving an entire project to another computer, use Bundle to move all the content, but save the normal preset as well. If your folders in the new computer are in the same location as the old computer, load the normal preset and everything should work.

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